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How It Works

At Health Solutions Natural fertility we use acupuncture, herbs, and other natural supplements to optimize your reproductive potential.

The Oriental medical system, that includes both acupuncture and herbal medicine has a long standing track record of helping both women and men with fertility issues. The treatments are based on careful individualized diagnosis and treatment protocols.

At Health Solutions we start with a thorough health history and bodily systems analysis. Basically we are looking for specific signs of imbalances that are known to interfere with fertility. We look at different organ systems to evaluate the vitality, depletion of, or stresses on them. The main systems that are evaluated are below…


This very important system is related to issues of aging and hormonal decline and has a direct link to the vitality of the reproductive organs. This area can be depleted from age or from lifestyle stresses such as chronic overwork, chronic lack of sleep, or there may be congenital deficiency inherited from the parents. Boosting the kidney adrenal system may help with issues such as diminished fertility due to age, low ovarian reserve, and polycystic ovarian syndrome where ovarian follicles are unable to maturate to become a viable egg.


The state of the blood is very important and many factors contribute to the quality of the blood in the endometrial lining, such as liver and digestive health. If the blood is deficient the endometrial lining may not have the thickness or the nutrient quality to successfully nourish a fertilized egg. If the blood is clotted due to a stressed liver or exposure to cold it may interfere with the egg being able to attach to the endometrium. If a woman is prone to hemorrhaging it may predispose her to miscarriage. We use very specific herbal formulas to treat the different imbalances of the blood.


Another hugely important organ relating to fertility. The liver is an organ that performs 500 different biochemical processes on our blood to make it useful for many purposes in the body including having a lot to do with the smooth functioning of the menstrual cycle. The liver is very sensitive to emotional stress like work and family, as well as physical toxins we regularly encounter in our lives such as alcohol and coffee. When the liver is stressed it results in disruptions of the menstrual cycle such as PMS, clotting, pain syndromes and even endometriosis. The stressed state of the liver can also negatively affect the process of a viable egg traveling down the falopian tube. With the stressed liver the woman’s uterus and falopian tubes, which are surrounded by smooth muscle, are in a tensed unreceptive or even spastic state. Detoxing, soothing, and nourishing the liver with specific herbs and acupuncture allows the menstrual cycle to smoothly function leading to optimum fertility.

Digestive Vitality/Spleen Qi

The vitality of the digestive system has a lot to do with blood quality and production, also hemorrhaging issues including the ability to hold a viable fetus. Weak or sluggish digestive vitality are treated with herbal formulas. Also chronic inflammation and or intestinal dysbiosis (infections) can be treated to optimize digestive and systemic health.


In the Oriental medical system the heart is considered to be related to mind and emotions, the heart needs to be at peace for the reproductive process to function properly. Especially anxiety issues, weather about conception, or about the relationship one is in, or general life anxieties, can interfere with the process of fertility. Acupuncture and specific herbs are very helpful for anxiety issues.

Finding the Best Treatment For You

With our thorough diagnostic process we find the tell tale signs and symptoms that guide us to apply herbs, supplements and / or acupuncture to specifically balance and support / nourish your body and mind to boost your fertility potential.

Traditionally in Oriental medicine fertility has been the work of the herbalist. Herbs are the most useful treatment followed by acupuncture.

A note on herbal medicine at Health Solutions:

At Health Solutions we only use high quality herbs either processed in the the United States or at a state of the art western run facility in the republic of Taiwan, Kaiser Pharmaceutical Company. All our sources of natural herbal medicines regularly undergo testing and certification to guarantee purity.